About us


It is all about what you deserve. Your body and mind deserve the best. Golden Lotus Massage provides you a high quality treatment coming from both our masseurs expertise and the products we have chosen to use.

Our Institute is housed in a beautiful place that its intention is to foresee your every need and in the same time, its relaxing and modern design allow you to feel calm and cozy from the moment you step inside.

The personnel, as well as the administration, are more than happy to assist you in your quest for relaxation or help you choose the appropriate therapy for your needs.




Here are some of the popular packs we provide!

Relax Pack

Two is always better than one! Now you can enjoy Relaxing Massage for 1.5 hours and get a 5€ discount!

Anti-Cellulite Pack

Start the Anti-Cellulite Massage Pack for guaranteed results today and let everybody else wonder how you did it!

Reflexology Massage Pack

Treat your back or any other local pains more effectively and immediate now with the most targeted treatment!